Front Desk Administrator & Medical Assistant

Thao Nguyen

The lovely Mrs. Thao Nguyen (pronounced Win), is the Front Office Administrator and is currently training under our Practice Manager as a Medical Assistant; to say she is a “Natural”, is an understatement.

She came to know Bob and Maggie in a busy Emergency Room and made a huge impression on the future founders of Freedom Total Wellness. They jumped at the opportunity to bring Thao in as a member of their, “Work-Family”.

Thao may appear reserved; however, she has proven that her experience as a car salesman in Florida has given her the ability to think on her feet and adapt quickly to a busy environment. Thao balances perfectly being a brilliant problem solver while multi-tasking and remaining compassionate with everyone.

Mrs. Nguyen is also a proud wife to her husband Vaughn and their beautiful twelve-month old baby girl, Miss Ella. She and her little family are always active, fishing, hiking, and looking forward to moving into their first home.

She is our face and our voice at Freedom Total Wellness. If you love us, it is in large part, because of Thao!

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Price Increase

Dear Valued Patient, 

Since opening our doors June 2016 we have made every effort to avoid raising our prices for any of our services.

It’s no secret that the economy has had some sharp upturns in the past 2 years; it is due to these upturns that we have found the need to raise our Pelleting and Self Pay pricing in order to continue to provide the same level of care.